African-American Portraits - Prometheus


African-American Portraits


Marcelo Maia

When Prometheus stole the fire from the Gods and gave it to men, he enabled us to illuminate the dark areas of our consciousness and with that, initiated the evolution of ideas and, consequently, of humanity...


Writing with light, reading between the lines and looking at the absurd to understand reality.

# 11 Sam Torso

© Marcelo Maia, NYC 1995

#20 Pascal

© Marcelo Maia, NYC 1995

# 29 Jazz Profile

© Marcelo Maia, NYC1996

# 40 Jean

© Marcelo Maia, NYC 1994

# 45 Mark

© Marcelo Maia, NYC 1995

# 04 Roberto

© Marcelo Maia, NYC 1994

# 05 Roberto

© Marcelo Maia, NYC 1995

# 09 Sam

© Marcelo Maia, NYC 1995

# 47 Norman

© Marcelo Maia, NYC 1996

In the book Prometheus I am trying to say a few things about racism and sexuality. The book is based on 3 ideas: first, the myth of Prometheus, creator of man; secondly, that God, according to the Bible, created man in his own image; and finally, the archaeological truth that the first of our species was born in Africa.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who made Prometheus possible, Keith Kahla, for his kindness and everyone at St. Martins Press, the models, Lucia Suskin, librarian at the ICP, Cornel Capa, my friends, and family.

Marcelo Maia


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