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Writing with light, reading between the lines and looking at the absurd to understand reality.


Photographers like to say that photography is a language that we can communicate with images and use light to say something. This is a fantastic idea, to use light to say what you want, what you think. But different than spoken language, photography has no geopolitical frontiers, time can only be limited by fashion and space is represented by the body that becomes myth, printed in our collective memory. Another fascinating connection, is the one between photography and truth, but that's another story...

When with no other options Prometheus gave the fire to his creation, he ensured our only chance for existence. For that, he was sentenced by Zeus to eternal pain. Chained to a rock, with his chest to the sun, he would see the eagle hovering over on a dive for his liver. Since he was a Titan, his body would heal at night.

Prometheus gave us the the light even knowing that he would be punished for doing that. It is up to us to use his gift, the options are ours, the consequences we leave for the future.

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